Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I feel like a horrible lazy person for not having actually started this before now. BUT in my defense I have been out of town and pretty busy, and it took a little while for the submissions to start coming in!

But for those of you who did submit, I love you. I was trying to figure out how to randomly choose a challenge - see, I had this vision of putting them all into a hat and plucking one out, but then I got too lazy writing & tearing out all the little pieces of paper. (Actually, I got too lazy just thinking about doing that.) So I wrote them all down, and all twenty (yes, exactly twenty!) are sitting in a notebook in front of me. I'm about to pull up this Random Number Generator to choose one, and I'm really really hoping it doesn't pick one of the challenges that's illegal or emotionally scarring. I mean, let's start off easy... right?

Here I go. I'm just using which seems pretty legitimate. I don't know. I'm not doing background checks, it's just a number.

Aaaaaand my challenge is.... #6: The Harry Potter Workout. Here's the challenge I got:

You can watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in a week, 1 (or 2) a day and follow the instructions."

SO, I'm actually pumped. I get to plan a Harry Potter marathon, which I will likely complete in a short span of time, and get some really great abs. I wonder if I could do it in a day... hmmm... let's not push anything. ;) I will update as soon as I have something to say!

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